Using a Motorola Desktrac as an APRS Digipeater

In this post I will explain how I modified and set-up a VHF Motorola Desktrac for APRS Digipeater use. This is a very simple modification and requires some basic soldering skills and a few parts, many of which you will probably already have in your parts drawer.

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How to Program a Motorola HT1000 for 12.5kHz Narrowband

Weather & Information Images (WX-IMG)

I have updated my WX-IMG products and have included the WWV image in this release.
To add these images to your site please see
You are free to add them to your website, Facebook, MySpace or similar profile, including web signatures.

Also included in this release is my simple email address spam blocking image script. It is very simple to add to any page, but requires basic knowledge of HTTP URL structures. However it is explained completely on the page linked above.

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Weather Alerts

I have setup a new custom Weather Alert and SkyWarn Spotter Activation script through PHP and Twitter for Stark County, Ohio.

This project is currently in Live Beta Testing and I am encouraging anyone to “follow” the account; and if you wish, have them text messaged to your phone.

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Motorola MDC-1200 Radio Numbering Scheme

If your agency, or business is using Motorola MDC capable radios, then you can utilize this numbering scheme. This makes it easier to identify what type of radio and which unit # or radio # is transmitting at any given time.

I recommend setting MDC to “post only” which will make the radio transmit the MDC at the end after the user releases the PTT on the radio.

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12 websites you should know about for Canton / Stark County, Ohio

Here are 12 websites you should know about and bookmark for Canton City and Stark County, Ohio.

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Discovery Project Earth

While I am a big fan and supporter of eliminating the need for fossil fuels, and making the environment “green”, some of the technologies they are testing may bring harm to existing ones in use everyday.

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Weather Image Scripts

I have had a couple of requests for permission to add some of my weather image scripts to some sites and profiles…

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How I got started in Ham Radio

Some people are “elmered” into the hobby, not just discover it on their own. I have always worked with electronics, whether it be the kits that my parents bought at the local radio shack, or something more like fixing a radio or cd player…

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W8M Memorial Special Event Station

On Saturday Sep. 22nd The Canton Amateur Radio Club will be operating the W8M station from on top of the memorial, we should be on the air from about 1000 EDT till dark or about 2100, QSO with us if you get a chance. We will be on multiple bands so tune around until you hear us. Also if your in the Canton area the parade 2M frequency is 146.520 simplex. Feel free to listen in.