Hustler 5BTV Vertical Install: Part 1

So, I have decided to start installation on a Hustler 5 Band Trapped Vertical (5BTV) for HF from DX Engineering. At roughly 25 ft tall, this antenna will allow me to work 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.

I started by digging an approximately 6in deep trench for some 3/4″ conduit for the coax run. My plan is to install the antenna in the round planter pictured, so that when the install is complete it won’t affect foot, mower, or other traffic. I occassionally drive through the back yard with my truck, mainly to park the trailer and load/unload yard debris and other items; so I couldn’t install it in the grassy areas of the yard. Also, with the limited trees and their positioning, I am restricted on the usage of dipoles or other wire antennas. The best option I have come up with is an OCF dipole, installed between my tower and the neighbors tree; however, they have mentioned interest in completely removing that tree.



Once the conduit run was finished, including backfill and reseeding the grass, I dug a 4ft deep hole with a post hole digger/shovel for the main “mast” pipe, and drove a 5/8″ 8ft ground rod. The “mast” pipe sticks out of the ground approximately 22″ (instructions recommend between 20″ and 23″ above ground) and is a 1-1/4″ galvinized water pipe that is 5ft long. I put a little gravel in the bottom of the hole, stuck the pipe in, and backfilled with concrete. I checked for plumb on 2 sides of the pipe (90 degrees apart) to be sure it was properly installed.

The final picture shows the “mast” pipe, the ground rod, and the conduit.

Coming Soon – Part 2: Radials, radial base plate, and coax run.

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