Motorola MDC-1200 Radio Numbering Scheme

If your agency, or business is using Motorola MDC capable radios, then you can utilize this numbering scheme. This makes it easier to identify what type of radio and which unit # or radio # is transmitting at any given time.

I recommend setting MDC to “post only” which will make the radio transmit the MDC at the end after the user releases the PTT on the radio.

First, lets start off with some background information. Motorola’s MDC-1200 system is capable of using the characters A,B,C,D,E and numerals 0-9.

You can use any combination of these characters when setting the ID.

But lets make it simpler.

Let’s assign these characters for certain radio types.

A – portable/handheld
B – base station
C – “car” or mobile
D – dispatch

Use these combined with the radio or unit #. For example.

My HT1250 portable is currently programmed to ID as A506. My unit number is 506 and its a portable radio.
My CDM1250 mobile is programmed to ID as C506.
Now I also have the “emergency button” programmed on both of these.

I programmed the ID on both so when the emergency button is pressed it reverts to the ID of 506E. (Notice the reversal)

Whenever either of my radios is in emergency mode, and I press the PTT it shows 506E.

Now if I cycle the power and reset to normal operation it will go back to A506.

This lets Dispatch know that my emergency button was pressed, and when I return to normal operation.

Now lets put this numbering scheme into use on an example department situation.

Lets say we have a small town fire department with 5 stations, 5 squads, 2 engines, a tanker, a tower, and a couple of other trucks. These apparatus are housed in 4 stations around the area. Our department has 30 portables also.

Each station has a base, each truck has a mobile, and each truck also carries 2 to 4 portables also.

Now we have already given each a unit number.

400 – Chief
401 – Asst. Chief
402-409 Upper Staff
410 – Station 1
412 – Engine 1
415 – Medic 1
417 – Tower 1
419 – Grass Truck 1
420 – Station 2
422 – Engine 2
424 – Tanker 2
425 – Medic 2
430 – Station 3
435 – Medic 3
438 – Air/Scene Command (Truck 3)
440 – Station 4
446 – Utility/Support (Truck 4)
450 – Station 5
452 – Engine/Rescue 5
455 – Medic 5

For mobiles in each apparatus we put C and the unit number such as C446 for Truck 4. Truck 4 carries 2 portables so they both ID as A446.

Station 2’s base would ID as B420.

At this point you can see how easy it is to set up MDC for every radio in your department.

If you find this information useful, or you want to suggest differently; please comment below or email me http://www.w8jkc.com/contact

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