Discovery Project Earth

While I am a big fan and supporter of eliminating the need for fossil fuels, and making the environment “green”, some of the technologies they are testing may bring harm to existing ones in use everyday.

For example, the segment about using microwaves to transmit electrical energy from space to earth.

This may be cool, but what are the cons of using such technology? (Which they don’t tell you either because they don’t know themselves, or they don’t want you to know.)

What will happen when this technology is actually tested under its conditions as proposed, to transmit electricity from Solar Panels in space to receivers on earth?

What will happen to existing communications in the other radio bands, such as Aircraft in the VHF band (120Mhz), Public Safety in the VHF and UHF bands (150 and 450 and 800 Mhz).

Will this existing technology completely be wiped out from the microwaves being transmitted on 2.4 Ghz?

These are some things the researchers, developers, and eventually the FCC needs to consider before it is completely implemented.

If you remember anything about the BPL (Broadband over PowerLine) incidents, where it was found that many of the technologies used for it caused harmful interference to many existing radio users, you will see my point.

In the episode it seemed that there were still way too many problems for it to be used anywhere within the next 30 years.

Even Cell-Phones use radio waves, on the 900Mhz band. Will your phone all of a sudden stop working?

Let me know your thoughts on this subject, please comment below or email me.

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