How I got started in Ham Radio

Some people are “elmered” into the hobby, not just discover it on their own. I have always worked with electronics, whether it be the kits that my parents bought at the local radio shack, or something more like fixing a radio or cd player…

I even fixed my VCR a couple of times. My first real experience was believe it or not on a CB radio… back when I was 6 yrs old or so, my family was traveling on the PA turnpike, and my dad let me use the radio to talk to a trucker. I believe this was back when you had to have a license for CB. I know sounds goofy. I have deep roots in electronics and technology, my 5th great Uncle or Grandfather is Benjamin Franklin. Cool eh? Well, my dad also explained to me that he had to pass a morse code test to get a CB license.

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