To contact me you may use any of the following.

By Phone: (330) 87-W8JKC (330) 879-8552

By Email: [email protected]

PGP: 0E798AD6 (Click to download)

By Mail:

Justin K. Corner, W8JKC

P.O. Box 122

North Industry, OH 44707-0122

By Telegram: @w8jkc

By Twitter: @w8jkc

By Reddit: /u/JulietKiloCharlie/

By Skype: w8jkc_ohio

By Discord: @w8jkc#8475

By Steam: w8jkc

By HamShackHotline: extension 4781

By RF: 146.790-/R PL 141.3 OR 146.535 simplex (Stark County, Ohio)

By Brandmeister (DMR): RID 3139867

By KeyBase: w8jkc

By Github: w8jkc

By Zello: w8jkc